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3.9/5 - (97 votes)

What is Absurdle

Words are our first best friend. Without them, there is no way we could have learned to interact, express, or speak. Their importance is not unknown to the world, yet some of us are ignorant about how important it is to know which word to be used where and how significant a difference a choice of the word can make. That’s enough information about words.

Now it’s payback time. Let us explore how vivid word catchers you are. There is no better way other than playing Absurdle to find it out. It is not very hard to convince yourself to choose Absurdle over all other word games. The most prominent reason is that it questions your knowledge and guess power more than any other word game you have ever played.

You can consider yourself a pro if you learn the tricks and hacks to solve Absurdle game as it is relatively harder to get. There is no help holding you back. It’s all about you for you. Don’t get disheartened to hear that; to compensate for it, there is an infinite number of attempts granted to you. Each attempt will shuffle five new words to keep the interest and joy of prediction alive. At one point in the game, you might feel that it hates you and doesn’t want you to win on purpose, but that’s not true at all. It brings out the most innovative version of you that you never knew existed until then.

Absurdle Game Rules

The AI of Absurdle functions in a certain way which is easy to observe. Unlike Wordle, the guesses you make lead to creating a master word that you are supposed to guess in as few attempts as possible. Players often refer to this game as Absurdle wordle as both the games have resemblance in many senses, yet they bring a very different experience to the players. Making all the potential guesses is suggested until it breaks down and gives five green words.

Many people doubt that playing Absurdle online might change the word when they are close to guessing it. Be assured it’s a fair game. The game isn’t developed to fool the players to make them stay. And it will abide by the terms that it claims. It is important to note that the Absurdle word game will try to bend you down on your knees as it holds an ocean of potential words but not giving up is the zest of winning it.

How to Play Absurdle Online

All the columns have five blanks to be filled as you make a wrong guess; a new row of five blanks will be added. Since there is no pre-determined master word, the initial guesses will be grey in maximum proportion. The Grey word on the keyboard indicates that it is not included in the master word, whereas yellow indicates that the word is correct but placed in the wrong spot. All green is a clear win.

The game offers you to choose either “random guess” or “give up” at any point of time. You can click on random guess multiple times consecutively. The system will make a random guess on your behalf. When there are five green words, it makes the master word pretty evident. You will eventually understand its algorithm as you continue playing Absurdle online via clicking on the Absurdle game link. The only key to mastering a game is practice. Keep practising.

Tips, Tricks, and Cheats to Play the Absurdle Word Game

Make sure you add different letters in every guess you make. You will notice that Absurdle will not give a positive signal to any of the letters you used in your (initial) guesses. There are chances that all the letters you used will appear grey. This is when you know the Absurdle word game is quite different from other word games.

Out of all the tricks, the one that is most common among players is to think of a word combination that has relatively easy-to-guess words as compared to others.

Absurdly wants to spend as much time as possible with you. It will give its best to prolong your stay. For example: If you get four letters of a word right in one column. The only word left to make sense will be something that you might take long to guess. This can be exciting or frustrating.


There is no wrong if you want to win by taking a shortcut. You can play Absurdle word game online on a PC. It will give you access to the shortcut, or else you have to follow the traditional way. For those who are up for shortcuts, you might consider looking at the list of “likely” solutions on the website.

There is another way that is unexplored by most of you, but you will be grateful to know that is; you can observe the mechanism with which the system selects a master word or a secret word. Let’s learn the magic, press the F12 key or Ctrl+Shift+I. This is a call to action for developer tools. You can use it when you are confident enough that you are familiar with the alphabet, which will contribute to guessing the master word.

You will now see the magic, the method used in Absurdle to shortlist the possibilities based on the letters you type. Absurdle, as always, will try to keep as many possible words as possible, but if you happen to know most of the letters, in that case, Absurdle will have no choice other than to have a handful of words that can be built out of it.

By now, you know it is all about your ability to bring down Absurdle to accept the only solution it is left with.

Feel free to scream, “I WANT ABSURDLE TODAY.”

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  1. Hi, great game, just missing colour-blind mode for us poor people who have trouble distinguishing yellow and green, thanks

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